Another round of human experiments! Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the first round. You all provided valuable feedback. I took some of your suggestions, did a bit of debugging, changed the mechanics around. Now I want to see how you feel about the changes:
1. Made the particles bigger and added more charges
2. Fixed the bug with the decimating red charges
3. Instead of leaving and reappearing at the other end of the screen, they bounces back.
4. You pulsate (enlarge for a sec) every time you eat a charge.
Let me know your time and how you feel about changes? Is it easier? Did I make it too easy? You can turn off/on the bumpers by clicking on the button at the top left.
Thanks ♥

Test site: http://tux.valour.me/spark


Progress underway

Thanks to my little sister who pushed me to do a plot outline through the chapters. I can see much more clearly on what parts I need to work out. Right, now I am still working on the plot and character details. I will need to get enough of the storyboard figured out to start writing dialogue and a logic system tomorrow.